The file is being uploaded, please check whether it is the file you want to upload, you can pause or cancel the upload at any time.
Drag & drop the file into the dashed box, it will be uploaded automatically
Support rar/zip/7z/office/pdf etc
Quick Password Recovery
You only need to click "Select File" or drag and drop the file to the upload box, the file will automatically start uploading, and PassMust will automatically start recovering the password after uploading.
Reasonable Charges
You only need to pay after the file password is successfully recovered, if it is unsuccessful, you will not be charged.
Powerful Recovery Technology
With years of technology accumulation and powerful cloud computing resources, we have the strongest password recovery capability in the industry.
Simple and Convenient Cloud Technology
No need for any professional knowledge, no need for any professional equipment, just submit the file to our cloud cracking system with one click, you just need to shut down and wait for the result.
Compatible with ALL Devices & OS
Regardless of computer, mobile phone or tablet, regardless of windows, mac or linux operating system, PassMust can be used to quickly recover forgotten file passwords.
Complete Secrecy
Our system operates safely and stably around the clock, and the files uploaded by customers will be deleted regularly, and only you can view the decrypted password.